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Image by Syd Wachs

Resources for Who Is Jesus?
40 Pictures to Share with Your Family

Supplemental materials to assist you in crafting a rich family worship time. 

What if we anticipated Easter with the same longing, excitement, and joy that we feel for Christmas? What might that look like during our family worship time? How can we make the season of Lent super special, just as Advent has been so special in our home?

These are questions our family has wrestled with, and how our book Who Is Jesus? 40 Pictures to Share with Your Family came about. We want to help your family make your family worship time a meaningful and special experience. Through reading, singing, and action, you can create a multi-sensory experience your kids won’t forget, magnifying Jesus and his work on the cross.


Who Is Jesus? Song Links

In the back of our book, Who is Jesus? 40 Pictures to Share with Your Family, you'll find song suggestions for each day. We've provided YouTube links to these songs to make your job easier. We plan to add to this list as we learn of new songs, so check back often!

Who Is Jesus? Printables

We've created two different sets printables corresponding with each of the 40 devotionals to supplement your family worship time. They can be used to make cards, stickers, or ornaments. Maybe you’d like to create something similar to a Jesse Tree to hang the cards on, or maybe you’d like to line them up to create an illustrative timeline. Or you could place the cards together into the shape of a cross, or make a path to the cross and empty tomb. You could even make them into magnets if you’d like. Get creative, have fun, and please share with us how you've used these cards!

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